PG's contribution to enhanced offshore oil and gas recovery 

Worldwide there are more than 3,000 subsea oil and gas production wells and the number is fast growing. To increase the oil recovery from these wells there is a demand for an efficient subsea light well intervention service, which includes repair, scale removal, installation and manipulation of mechanical devices (valves, plugs, screens etc.), perforations and re-perforations, zone isolation, fluid sampling, PLT, chemical treatment, well abandonment etc.
Well stimulation

SX 148 IMRV Eidesvik Subsea 7 at seaIMG_9610Wepuko DP212 Ulstein IMRV skid
Edda Fauna Well Intervention PumpsSevan Water Injection Pump SkidEdda Fauna
 Wepuko DP212 Ulstein IMRV drives 

Wepuko DP212 Ulstein IMRV skid m montørerWepuko DP212 Ulstein IMRV

Light Well Intervention technology is estimated to reduce the well intervention cost to 1/3, enabling more intervention work being done, and resulting in better efficiency in exploitation of existing subsea wells.
The long term objective is to increase the oil recovery on subsea wells from average 45% to 55%.

PG contributes to this development, by design, engineering, system integration, solution delivery and commissioning of sophisticated pumping systems for water- and chemical injection, scale squeezing and fracking applications.
PG pioneered the 3.0MW below-deck, fixed installation on board MV Edda Fauna, and developed further by the 3,4MW similar installation on the Ulstein SX 148 IMRV under construction for Subsea7 / Eidesvik at Ulstein Yard. PG's scope incorporates all soft-ware and hard-ware from the touch-screens on the bridge for full remote control, through the PG LCC operating the large Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) to the individual mixing-, dosing-, injection- pumps, agitators and adjacent equipment for safe and efficient operations.

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