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PG-MAPS Quad 1500

PG-MAPS Quad 1500 (Patent Pending) represent the most novel, low shear, high efficiency, positive displacement pumping solution currently presented to the market. Well Stimulation, Boosting, Scale Squeeze, Chemical Injection, Kill Mud, Drill Cuttings, Water Injection and Sandaband a.s.o. are most relevant applications in the oil & gas sector


Initially developed for subsea installation with submerge-depths down to 3000m, differential pressures up to 650 Bar, and installed power up to 4 MW. ( Industrial, top-side, dry-mounted version available )

PG-MAPS handle liquids with high solids content, abbrasive, aggressive, high viscocity, effluent and high inlet pressures under very high total efficiency.

Being a fully electric, direct driven unit, both control, operations and monitoring is made easy.

The pump is hermetically enclosed, without any dynamic seals, and consists of very few parts compared with any other product for same work.

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