PG develop pumping solutions to participate in subsea development

Unique, patented technology for highly efficient, hermetically sealed positive displacement pumps
170214 PRS MPD UBD Conference Paper 2017 SPE 18528



PG MAPS Pilot Unit

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PG was awarded this prestigeous price on OTC 2011
Houston, TX for its novel PG-MAPS subsea pump

Applications covered by PG are;


Bilde av MAPS Condensate pump front

- Subsea MultiPhase boosting
- Subsea Singlephase, liquid boosting

Bilde av MAPS4 Condensate Pump

- Subsea pumping of Drill Cuttings
- Subsea pumping for Well Stimulation
Bilde av MAPS Condensate pump side 

- Subsea Chemical Injection
- Subsea Waterinjection