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Having supplied in excess of 1.500 OSV-installations, we are global market leaders
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Ranging from simple electric-drive pumps, to the most comprehensive automated, bridge-integrated computerized solutions - either frequency controlled, or hydraulically driven systems.

 In the high-end of these applications, the proprietary, world-wide patented PG-MACS® solution reigns - in which wet and dry bulk cargo, recovered oil, fuel oil and Drill Cuttings are handled in multi-purpose, athmosperic tanks below deck.

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Submerged pumps

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Cargo Pumps
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 Agitators  Hydraulic Power Units
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All composite Acid-pumps
 Deepwell PumpsDrill Cutting Pumps



 Multi Application Cargo Solution
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Ultra Flexible, massive liquid- & dry- capacities, most efficient in terms of loading- unloading time, low power / performance ratio, massive Recovered Oil capacities - ability to carry

Drill Cuttings below deck. 

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Østensjø ST 216 DC


Ulstein PX 105 MACS

Basic info on Drill Cuttings

 PG Multi Cargo System

PG-MACS basic description

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Drill Cuttings:

Loading from drilling-rig via hose-handling-systems to below deck, hull-integrated tanks. Discharge to shore processing plant for reconditioning, or to reinjection rig offshore.

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Dry bulk:

Combination tanks for dry- and liquid- bulk omits the need for dedicated pressure-vessels for dry-bulk

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Rig Slop:

Hazardous rig slops safely transported below deck - to avoid spillage, or loss of containers on deck. Freeing deck space for other cargo Image of 232351

NOFO 2009 ORO:

Meeting all requirements in revised ORO-regulations September 2009, as only Multiple Application System

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General Liquid Cargo:

Pump and Agitator-function to cater for Liquid Mud-, Brine- and other regular cargo-functions over same equipment 

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Clean Design:

Exceptionally efficient solution to compensate for loss of cargo-volume related to the double-hull-layout of Clean Design 

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Patented equipment & functions, with significant advantages to Owner & Yards when planning for new tonnage.

PG-MACS Features

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