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PG-Submix 60 / 80 (Hydraulic driven)

Market leading product for OSV's world wide for high yield liquid mud handling

General trends and developments experienced in the market place;

Having delivered more than 1.300 shipsets where mud handling is the core application, PG has gathered massive experience and are today leading the technological development for such solutions.
From working with re-circulations systems, simple propeller units in the 80’s, then establishing global market leader position for conventional mixers, to developing heavy duty PG-Submix 60 and 80 hydraulically driven units (3rd generation now) – we have secured efficient and economical solutions to this market for more than 30 years.121005 PG Submix 80 Viscoprop 35dgr
Currently there are some significant influxes to these applications:
-          Deep water drilling setting new demands to the mud composition (higher yield stress factors, increased viscosity, increased weight components).
-          Enhanced drilling methods (Riserless Mud Recovery / Dual Gradient Drilling) requiring significantly higher volumes of high yield mud.
-          Longer transit time due to more remotely operating rigs, harsh environments, and longer storage time onboard – which influence the mud consistency if not efficiently agitated.
-          Rig slops and return mud in highly variable consistency, including hard elements and challenging composition to conventional systems.
-          Recovered Oil situations in which agitation to lower the viscosity to pump able levels are of significance to the discharge process.
-          Other liquids than mud need high quality agitation to sustain their physical abilities during voyage.
-          (I do not elaborate on the rapidly emerging market for handling drill cuttings = PG-MACS in these descriptions)

PG-Submix 60 and 80 with wings upm to 3.000mm are heavy duty, hydraulically driven agitators for securing the liquid mud is kept in suspension during voyage, storage and productions.